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Students create boarding school designs, construction schedules

Students design building plans for Fort Worth school

posted May 28, 2015
To assist fundraising for a faith-based Ft. Worth boarding school proposed to serve economically disadvantaged youth0, Texas A&M students developed design concepts, construction schedules and operating cost estimates.
Texas Target Communities helping two Texas towns

Two Texas towns helped by Texas Target Communities

posted March 30, 2015
Two small Texas communities are shaping their futures with help from Texas A&M’s Texas Target Communities program, which aids municipalities that lack urban planning resources available to larger cities.
HRRC identifying best practices in long-term disaster recoveries

HRRC identifying best practices in disaster recoveries

posted March 10, 2015
A research team from Texas A&M’s Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center is working to identify best practices in pre- and post-disaster planning in communities recovering from a variety of natural and man-made disasters.
TAMU disaster researchers pen four scholarly articles in JAPA

JAPA features 4 papers by TAMU disaster researchers

posted March 4, 2015
Texas A&M’s national prominence in disaster planning research is evidenced in the February 2015 Journal of the American Planning Association special issue in which four of the publication’s 10 articles were penned by Texas A&M faculty and former students.
Hazard researchers to participate in vulnerability, resilience center

A&M researchers collaborate in U.S. resilience center

posted March 3, 2015
An elite group of urban planning researchers from Texas A&M University have been selected to play an integral role with scientists from 11 universities in a nationwide initiative aimed at helping communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

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CHUD Faculty Fellow, Cecilia Giusti is the chair of the newly created "Urban Issues in Central & South America and the Caribbean."
CHUD Faculty Fellow, Cecilia Giusti will co-host the conference "Justice and The City: (re)Examining the Past to Create the Future" in Houston on October 22-25, 2015. 
Former LAUP student, Vicky Carrasco and CHUD Faculty Fellow, Cecilia Giusti publish "Latinos in the U.S." in the Planning Advisory Board Newsletter.  PAB Newsletter Spring 2013 (Icon 358.0 KB)