Sustainable Urbanism Certificate

Sustainable urbanism is a framework for interdisciplinary planning and design of contemporary settlements. It explores sustainability and urban design in a rapidly urbanizing world by focusing on the processes that shape the form and function of the built environment in its full complexity--infrastructure, land development, built landscapes, and facilities--that collectively make up metropolitan regions.

Sustainable urbanists at Texas A&M are members of innovative learning and practitioner communities that investigate and apply collaborative practices to design and plan sustainable urban settlements that are livable, equitable, energy efficient, ecologically sound, and prosperous.

The certificate in sustainable urbanism address the integration and interdependence of these aspects of the built environment:

The sustainable urbanism certificate consists of a series of courses that are open to students from any graduate program at Texas A&M University. The Sustainable Urbanism Certificate is awarded in recognition of those who have acquired a requisite degree of knowledge and skill in the field. It is awarded after the completion of the program of study and is signed by the head of the student's academic department and the dean of the college.  It is awarded at the college ceremony that preceded the official university commencement ceremony.


1. Complete credit hours  

A minimum of 15 credit hours of course work from the list of approved courses, including at least 3 credit hours of a collaborative studio. At least one course must be from outside the student's major discipline.

2. Complete graduate-level requirement

The student completes a professional study, thesis, or dissertation with a sustainable urbanism focus approved by the student's committee chair. The credit hours taken in support of the professional study, thesis, or dissertation are in addition to those courses completed for the certificate. At least one member of the student's graduate commitee must be a CHUD Faculty Fellow. 

3. Apply and declare

Complete the application and declare your intent to earn the certificate at the time your degree plan is filed.